PCP Program Logic 2013

In July 2012 the one-year Primary Care Partnerships ‘bridging year’ guidelines 2012–2013 aligned the planning cycles for Primary Care Partnerships (PCP), community and women’s health and municipal public health and wellbeing. From July 2013 PCPs will revert to a four-year planning cycle covering 2013–17. This alignment of planning cycles will facilitate greater integration in planning and avoid duplication of effort. 

Crucial to the development of this document has been stakeholder consultation and consideration of current, significant primary health policy developments including the Victorian health priorities framework 2012–2022, national primary health reform as well as current Victorian primary health directions and community health service improvement initiatives.1 Equally, the current evidence base, previous PCP program logics and bridging year guidelines, lessons learnt and current work have also been considered. Importantly, the development process highlighted the need for the 2013–17 PCP program logic to be developed in a more integrated way to better reflect system complexity and best practice.

 A glossary has been included in Appendix 1 to assist in a common understanding of key concepts that are articulated within this document. This should be read in conjunction with the program logic. 

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