The governance of the Central Hume PCP is the responsibility of the Central Hume PCP Executive Committee.

There are eight members of the Central Hume PCP Executive.

  • Two general members, elected by the membership of the Central Hume PCP
  • Four Central Hume PCP Local Partnership representatives. These are the Chairs elected by Central Hume PCP members who participate on each of the Local Partnerships (LGA based)
  • One member who is the Funds Holder for Central Hume PCP.
  • One member who provides the Human Resource and Payroll service for Central Hume PCP.

The appointments to the Executive Committee are for 2 years.

Current Executive Committee

Chair: Leah Waring, Executive Officer, Community Services, North East Support & Action for Youth Inc.
      Emma Ghys, Early Intervention Team Manager, Alpine Health (Local Partnership Chair)

Jane Archbold, Manager, Community, Benalla Rural City Council (Local Partnership Deputy Chair)

Andrew Brown, General Manager, Client Services, Gateway Health 

Heather Betts, Operational Director, Healthy Communities, Benalla Health (Funds Holder)

Marcus Forster, Manager, Community and Recreation, Rural City of Wangaratta (Local Partnership Chair)

Melanie Green, Director of Operations, Mansfield District Hospital (Local Partnership Chair)

David Kidd, Director Community Health, Partnerships & Well Ageing, Northeast Health Wangaratta (Human Resources and Payroll Provider)

Executive Committee support

The Executive Committee is supported by:

Huw Brokensha, Executive Officer

Lisa Guppy, Executive Support & Projects Officer


Executive Committee member access 

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