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The Central Hume PCP is one of 28 Primary Care Partnerships across Victoria. The Central Hume PCP is supported by the Victorian PCP, which exists to support and promote the primary care partnership platform and the broader use of partnerships to achieve improvements in population health and well being. To read more about us, see our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vision

A community where all people enjoy quality of life and are healthy, well and active.

Our Mission

Working together to strengthen collaboration and partnerships we will drive real improvements in health and wellbeing outcomes that are meaningful in our community.

Our Role

Our role is to:
  • Continue to build a robust and current evidence base.
  • Act independently to broker opportunities and build active relationships that advance our priorities.
  • Support our partners and active relationships to build their capacity to act to achieve our priorities.
  • Measure and celebrate our success, and continuously improve our practice to achieve our priorities.


The Central Hume PCP will:

  • Respect and value the views of all partners.
  • Focus on social justice and equity, creating a strong voice for advocacy.
  • Listen to the views and experiences of consumers.
  • Apply catchment wide and place-based approaches.
  • Work collaboratively and collectively, and pool our resources for greatest impact.

Our Priority Population Groups

Our priority population groups include older people, families with young children, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people living with chronic disease, and women and children facing violence.

Annual Report 2019/2020

In 2019/2020 Central Hume Partnerships across Victoria celebrated their 20 year anniversary. The Central Hume PCP team remains committed to the work they do, despite the continuing uncertainty they have faced for the past couple of years, along with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

These include:

  • Advocacy Campaign – including a selection of case studies for each Local Government Agency (LGA) in the Central Hume.
  • Development of the COVID-19 webpage resource.
  • Development of LGA data profiles and infographics.
  • Completed Rural Women’s Health Needs Project.
  • Reported on ‘An Age Friendly Approach to Disaster Recovery’.

Download: 2019-20 Annual Report

Strategic Plan –The Central Hume PCP’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021. The strategic priorities represent the collaborative work and shared vision of the Partnership and provide a clear direction for our work together over three years.

Download: Central Hume PCP Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

Central Hume is in the North East of Victoria.

Our catchment covers four local government areas – Alpine, Benalla, Mansfield and Wangaratta. We are part of the Ovens Murray Goulburn area as shown below.

Working at the catchment level helps us to achieve systems change. The smaller hospitals and their communities rely on the regional hospital in Wangaratta.

Our small rural communities need access to other regional health and wellbeing services. These services are also based in Wangaratta. They are funded to service our catchment.

The governance of the Central Hume PCP is the responsibility of the Central Hume PCP Executive Committee.

There are eight members of the Central Hume PCP Executive.

  • Four Central Hume PCP Health & Wellbeing Partnership representatives. These are the Chairs elected by Central Hume PCP members who participate on each of the Health & Wellbeing Partnerships (LGA based).
  • Three general members, elected by the membership of the Central Hume PCP.
  • One member who is the auspice organisation for the Central Hume PCP.

The appointments to the Executive Committee are for 2 year terms.

Central Hume PCP Governance Structure 2017-2021

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is supported by:

  • Dianna Piazza
    Executive Officer

Central Hume PCP Team

Dianna Piazza

Executive Officer
Monday to Thursday
Phone: 03 5761 4279
Mobile: 0436 690 156

Kirsty Barnes

Program Coordinator: Access and Integration & Prevention/ Early Intervention
Monday to Thursday
Phone: 03 5761 4317
Mobile: 0484 241 198

Vacant Position

Program Coordinator: Dry Conditions Resilience

Vacant Position

Principal Strategic Advisor: Age Friendly Communities