Central Hume Primary Care Partnership


The Central Hume PCP works with the community and agencies to create supportive environments that increase awareness of and access to culturally-valued healthy food.

Client and Community Engagement

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships Program Logic states the objective for Consumer and community empowerment is: "for consumers, carers and community members to be meaningfully involved in decision making about health planning, care and treatment and the wellbeing of themselves and the community" (Department of Health Victoria, 2013). To enable this PCPs are to support member agencies to implement strategies that build consumers’ capacity to engage with services. At all levels of participation addressing Health Literacy is important. By focusing on Health Literacy it is envisaged that organisations will be better able to assist their clients to self-manage their conditions and participate more in their goal-directed care.

The Client Journey

Improving the Client Journey is about consumers and carers experiencing an integrated, streamlined and coordinated health system that caters for their needs. Improving the Client Journey will also reduce the health inequalities of vulnerable groups through the development of more flexible, culturally sensitive and accessible health services.

Bringing It All Together

Actioning our Priorities