Central Hume Primary Care Partnership

The Central Hume Primary Care Partnership is a voluntary alliance of primary care health agencies working together to improve health service planning and delivery across the communities of Alpine and Mansfield Shires and the Rural Cities of Benalla and Wangaratta.


The Central Hume Primary Care Partnership is comprised from the Following Member Organisations:...

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

As part of the Hume Region's 'Koolin Balit Action Plan', the health services and the Aboriginal and ...

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Participation in Health

The Central Hume PCP works with the community and agencies to create supportive environments that ...

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Healthy Eating

The role of the PCP over 2013/2014 has been to support collaborative planning, implementation, ...

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Older People & Aged Care

Ageing well is fundamental to our approach to the care of older people in our society. The very ...

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Chronic Care

Integrated Chronic Disease Management (ICDM) includes the following:...

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